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Discover the best liquor store near you, offering top-quality spirits, wine, and more. Explore Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your one-stop online liquor store.

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Liquor Store Open by Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is your trusted online liquor store. Discover gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, beer, wine, and more. We offer liquor delivery, engraved bottles, custom cases, and gift boxes.

Liquor Store Services

Liquor Bottle Engraving

Liquor Bottle Engraving

Personalize your favorite spirits with custom engraving at our open liquor store. Perfect for gifting, our engraved bottles will leave a memorable impression on every recipient.

Liquor Delivery

Conveniently have the best liquor delivered to your door from Liquor Store Open. Our fast, reliable delivery service ensures you get quality drinks when you need them.

Liquor Delivery
Case of Liquor

Case of Liquor

Create a custom case of liquor at our open liquor store. Mix and match 15 bottles to suit your unique taste and stock up with the perfect blend of premium spirits and wine.

Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Impress with our liquor bottle gift boxes, designed to showcase your favorite liquor or wine. An ideal choice for corporate gifting, weddings, and special celebrations.

Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Wine Store


Aqui – Malbec 750mL

Aqui Malbec boasts bold plum and black cherry flavors with hints of pepper. Its full-bodied taste pairs seamlessly with grilled meats, strong cheeses, and hearty dishes.


Luke – Red Blend 750mL

Luke Red Blend is bold yet balanced, with flavors of dark cherries and blackberries, complemented by spice and mocha undertones. Great for any gathering or evening sip.


Oberon – Cabernet Paso 750mL

Oberon Cabernet Paso is an elegant wine with dark fruit and vanilla notes, combined with a soft finish. A versatile wine, it pairs beautifully with roasted vegetables or steak.


Criss Cross – Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

Criss Cross Cabernet Sauvignon delivers rich blackcurrant, oak, and plum flavors with smooth tannins. This full-bodied wine is ideal for enjoying with grilled meats or hearty pasta.


Taonga – Sauvignon Blanc 750mL

Taonga Sauvignon Blanc brings bright, crisp flavors of grapefruit and lime. Its refreshing acidity and clean finish make it perfect for any occasion from a casual brunch to a fine dinner.

Top Selling Liquor


Jack Daniel’s – Old #7 750mL

Classic and iconic, Jack Daniel’s Old #7 offers a smooth, timeless flavor that’s perfect neat or in your favorite cocktail.


Coppola Diamond – Claret 750mL

Coppola Diamond Claret is a sophisticated red wine blend with aromas of dark berries, cocoa, and an elegant oak finish.


Josh Cellars – Cali Cabernet 750mL

Josh Cellars Cali Cabernet is rich and complex, with flavors of dark fruit and vanilla. The full-bodied taste makes it perfect for any evening celebration.


Meiomi – Pinot Noir 750mL

Meiomi Pinot Noir is a luscious, well-balanced wine with bright cherry and berry flavors. Its subtle notes of spice make it ideal for pairing with your favorite meal.


Tito’s – Vodka 750mL

Smooth and versatile, Tito’s Vodka is perfect for any cocktail. Distilled from corn, it’s naturally gluten-free and delivers exceptional flavor in every sip.

Liquor Store Top Picks


Mercer Family – Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

Mercer Family Cabernet Sauvignon offers robust flavors of black currant and plum with hints of mocha and spice, delivering a luxurious taste.


Glen Silver’s – 8 Yr Scotch 700mL

Glen Silver’s 8 Year Scotch is a masterfully blended whisky that boasts subtle smoky aromas and rich malt flavors. A true delight for scotch lovers.


Arctic Frost – Vodka 1.75L

Arctic Frost Vodka is crisp and refreshing, perfect for your mixology needs. Whether straight or in cocktails, its purity ensures a refined drinking experience.


Bistro – Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

Bistro Cabernet Sauvignon combines black cherry flavors with subtle oak and chocolate undertones, making it ideal for any wine connoisseur.


Northern Gust – Pinot Noir 750mL

Northern Gust Pinot Noir is a vibrant red wine with earthy notes, red fruit flavors, and a smooth finish that pairs well with fine dining and cozy evenings.

Liquor Store


Grey Goose – Vodka 1L

Grey Goose Vodka is crafted with the finest French wheat and pure spring water. It offers a smooth, clean flavor, perfect for martinis, cocktails, or simply served over ice.


Macallan – 12 Yrs Double Cask 750mL

Macallan 12 Years Double Cask has matured in oak barrels, delivering rich flavors of honey, fruit, and gentle spice. Perfect for scotch enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded taste.


Casamigos – Blanco 1.75L

Casamigos Blanco is a crisp tequila with citrus and agave notes, making it excellent for cocktails or sipping straight. Its smooth, clean finish defines a classic tequila.


Elijah Craig – Barrel Proof Bourbon 750mL

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon offers bold flavors of caramel, oak, and spice. With its high proof, it packs a powerful yet refined punch for bourbon connoisseurs.


Wild Common – Reposado 750mL

Wild Common Reposado is a smooth, aged tequila with caramel and vanilla notes. Its balanced sweetness and light smokiness make it ideal for sipping or in a classic margarita.

Our Brands


Delivers fresh and vibrant wine selections.

Santa Margherita

Celebrated for exquisite Italian wines.

Meiomi Wines

Features elegant and expressive wines.

Josh Cellars

Offers robust and rich wine varieties.


Known for bold flavors and rich wines.

Tito’s Handmade

Distinctly smooth and ideal for mixing.

Ketel One Vodka

Smooth and refined, perfect for cocktails.

What clients say about us

Liquor Store Open has the best liquor and wines. Their custom cases are perfect for parties, and their gift boxes impress my clients!

Jessica B.

The open liquor store exceeded my expectations. The engraving on the bottle was beautiful, and their recommendations for my event were spot on!

Kevin M.

The liquor store open near me has everything! Friendly staff, quick delivery, and a great selection. I always find unique spirits and wines here.

Sarah L.

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What is a liquor store open offering unique services?

Liquor Store Open offers services like custom liquor bottle engraving, liquor gift boxes, and personalized cases to meet every customer’s needs. You can even take the Wine Taste Quiz for personalized recommendations.

What is a liquor store open near me?

A liquor store open near you is a nearby shop that supplies liquor and spirits. Liquor Store Open delivers high-quality beverages across Commack, Long Island, and Suffolk County for easy access to your favorite drinks.

What is a liquor store open?

A liquor store open is a retail establishment that remains available for customers to purchase a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Liquor Store Open provides gin, whiskey, wine, tequila, vodka, and more, with delivery and pickup options for your convenience.